How can I know more about Farm Kadalur?

Send us a ‘Hello’ to shanthavenkatesh@outlook.com or +91 93806 64394 or +91 98840 46060 or feel free to simply drop by. We are located at Vanniyar Street, Chinnakadalur Village Near Kalpakkam, Kanchipuram District. Ask us for any kind of clarification you need about our services and products through any of the methods mentioned above.

Is your milk fresh?

Yes. Our milk is raw and fresh – we bring it straight from our cows to your doorstep.

When does the milk expire?

Since our milk is unprocessed, the milk should be maintained at 4℃, we suggest boiling it as soon as you receive it and then refrigerating it for use.

How is the milk packaged?

The milk is packaged in recyclable plastic pouches.

What is different about Farm Kadalur

  • We don’t source milk from third parties.
  • All the production is inhouse.
  • The Cows are mostly let out in loose housing.
  • The Cows are under constant monitoring and provided with Ayurvedic Medications.
  • The milk is unprocessed and fresh from the diary.
  • The Cows are tested for A2 Gene.
  • By choosing us, you are choosing health.
What is the cost of your milk and other products?

Milk – Rs.50/- for 500 ml
Milk – Rs.100/- for 1L
Ghee – Rs.500/- for 200 gms
Ghee – Rs.2500/- for 1 Kg

What are the delivery charges?

Milk – Free delivery
Ghee – Applicable on Actuals beyond delivery Area

What is your billing cycle?


What is your accepted method of payment?

GPay, Online, Cheques etc.

Which areas in Chennai do you deliver to?

Most parts of South Chennai and some parts of Central and North Chennai.